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How To Write Overall Appraisal Comments

Examine Job Skills. Comparing your job skills to the required skills and preferred skills for your job is a solid foundation for writing your appraisal comments. Review your job description and list the skills that are required; do the same thing for preferred skills.

  • Effective Performance Appraisal Phrases Attendance Strength. 1) Always on time (or even early) for meetings and conferences. 2) Prompt and on time for the start of each workday. 3) Respects others by arriving at work and at meetings on.

  • How to write an effective performance evaluation comment. The comments you provide on a performance review need to be more specific than “You exceeded expectations.” Here are some things to keep in mind when writing performance evaluation comments: 1. Review past and present performance

  • 50 Self Appraisal Comments to Use in Your Next Performance Review. First and foremost, when you are writing a self-appraisal for yourself, you must keep the following factors in mind. What you must continue doing-Remember to mention your contributions towards the team, your accomplishments, time management, and work efficiency.


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